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UMBC Preschool Advisory Committee

Comprised of UMBC  Staff, Senate Members (Professional Staff, Nonexempt Excluded Staff, Faculty, Student Government Association and Graduate Student Association) as well as staff in the areas of Wellness, Work/Life, Benefits, Women’s Center, Facilities Management and Student Life, the committee works in collaboration with the Y Preschool Center Director to communicate important information to the UMBC community and to consider recommendations for the administration of the Center.

Advisory Committee Members

Valerie A. Thomas, Administration & Finance, Chair

Rochelle Sanders, Administration & Finance, Co-Chair

Zahira Meyers, Human Resources Benefits, Member

Jill Wardell, Human Resource Wellness Member

Dinah Winnick, Professional Staff Senate (PSS), Member

Melody Wright, Nonexempt Excluded Staff Senate (NESS), Member

Pat Scully, Faculty Senate, Member

Jess Myers, Women’s Center, Member

Md “Shams” Shamsuzzaman, Graduate Student Administration (GSA), Member

Rusty Postlewate, Facilities Management, Member

Mark Sparks, University Police, Member

Akua Amponsah, SGA, Member

Lisa Gray, Student Affairs, Member