Compensation & Classification: FAQs

How is my salary determined?

Several factors are considered in determining the salary assigned to a position. The current exempt and non-exempt pay ranges are based on the regional market salary rates; therefore, they are the primary tools used in determining a fair and equitable salary for a position. Other resources used include national and local salary data from other universities and internal comparisons of UMBC salaries.

What services are provided by the HR Classification & Compensation staff?

The staff assists in the establishment and title designation of new positions; evaluates requests for position reclassifications, title changes, and pay range assignments; and reviews and recommends salary adjustments based on internal equity and external market data.

Where can position classification request forms be obtained?

The Classification Action Request and the Position Description forms are used to establish, reclassify, and re-title positions. Both forms are available on the Human Resources website.

Note: The UMBC Budget Office requires completion of the Budget Office Position Request Form to establish new positions.

What is a reclassification?

A reclassification is a change in the title and/or the pay range assignment of a position. Reclassification is appropriate when the duties and responsibilities of a position have changed significantly over time, so that the current title and/or grade are no longer correct. A review of a reclassification request can result in a recommendation to classify the position at a higher or lower level or a determination that the position is already properly classified.

What is a job description? What is a job specification?

A job description outlines the duties, functions, and expectations of a position. It is developed in the department by the supervisor usually with input from the incumbent if the position is occupied.

A job specification is a document which broadly summarizes the typical duties, minimum requirements, knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with a particular job title. It is used mainly as a tool or guide for allocating newly established positions to a relevant classification. It is not intended to be used as a substitute for a job description.

How do employees receive raises?

Although salary increases are not guaranteed, employees who consistently meet the performance standards of their positions may be granted periodic adjustments. Salary increases may also result from promotions or reclassifications to higher level positions. Increases may also result from market adjustments and/or cost-of-living adjustments (COLA).