EOQ Recipients April – June 2022

Nonexempt Employee of the Quarter Photo Exempt Employee of the Quarter Photo

The Department of Human Resources would like to congratulate Nancy Clements and Ira Fabri on receiving this honor.

Nancy Clements, Program Management Specialist for the Division of Professional Studies, has been selected as the Nonexempt Employee of the Quarter for April-June of 2022. Nancy began her career with UMBC in February 2006 as an Administrative Assistant I and was later promoted to an Academic Program Specialist.  Nancy was promoted to her current position in 2018.

Nancy was nominated by Renee Eisenhuth, Program Coordinator of the Office of Professional Programs (DPS). Renee describes Nancy’s large responsibility and role in the Office of Professional Programs: “Nancy does scheduling for the Office of Professional Programs in the Division of Professional Studies (among her other duties). She works with multiple program directors to assist in producing an accurate schedule for our students. That is about 130 courses a semester for over 15 programs. Not only is she able to keep this information organized and correct, she is quick to providing solutions to registration issues.”

Renee describes Nancy’s work ethic and commitment to her job: “Another of her tasks is to assist our graduate students when they have issues in registering. The responsiveness to the students is outstanding. She goes above and beyond to make sure they are able to register correctly and that they understand any situation. Constantly checking her emails for registration issues, or to enter authorizations shows her commitment to our students.”

Renee adds “Whenever I have a scheduling question for my courses, I first go to Nancy. She is always willing to help me figure out any issues I may have. Nancy has a knowledge of scheduling and registration that she is willing to share to assist all. Her commitment to our student’s success and to helping others is something I admire.”

This past December, Nancy was recognized for 15 years of service at UMBC. An announcement was made to the DPS staff who offered their congratulations to Nancy.  Nancy was surprised and proud to learn she was selected as the Nonexempt Employee of the Quarter.

Ira Fabri, Associate Director, Tutoring Services, for the Academic Success Center, has been selected as the Exempt Employee of the Quarter for April-June of 2022. Ira began her career at UMBC in September 2017 as an Assistant Director and was promoted to her current position in 2019.

Ira was nominated by Delana Gregg, Director of Academic Learning Resources, Assessment and Analysis in the Academic Success Center. Delana says, “In March 2020, Academic Success Center (ASC) staff, along with the rest of the campus, moved to remote work, providing all our academic support to students virtually. As the staff member responsible for leading our tutoring programs (Appointment Tutoring, Writing Center, Math and Science Tutoring Center, and the new Computing Success Center), Ira began planning early for how to move tutoring online. She identified technological solutions, trained the 50+ tutors on how to tutor virtually, and adapted our scheduling system (TutorTrac) so that on the first day after spring break in spring 2020, when classes resumed, all tutoring appointments were provided online, with no interruption of service. This was a monumental task, which Ira performed expertly. Through her troubleshooting, clear communication with tutors and students, leadership of the other professional tutoring staff and teamwork with the ASC staff during remote learning, the ASC was able to maintain online tutoring usage and quality at and above previous semesters when tutoring was primarily in-person.  In spring 2021, Ira was able to strengthen our tutoring services, expanding drop-in tutoring for the Math and Science Tutoring Center. Ira has become adept at managing our TutorTrac scheduling and tracking system.  In preparation for fall 2021, Ira has helped us move our tutoring services back to face to face and online through her extraordinary planning and training program.  We moved to an upgraded TracCloud scheduling and tracking system, and Ira lead the campus integration of this new product, which involved mastering the technology, organizing multiple trainings for our entire staff, liaising with the Division of IT staff to integrate the product with UMBC’s student information system and single sign on, and loading the tutors’ schedules.”

Delana emphasizes Ira’s work ethic and success in her work: “Ira is a very responsible employee who is aware of and anticipating what needs to be done to improve the tutoring programs. With Ira and her staff’s help, we were able to open the new Computing Success Center in fall 2020, providing online drop-in support for a range of computer science courses. Ira worked with the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to identify, hire, train and schedule new tutors, with over 100 tutoring visits in the first two months. The program was so successful that it has grown in spring 2021 to include the Department of Information Systems and further support from the Dean of the College of Engineering and Information Technology.  To not only maintain our substantial tutoring services during remote learning (Writing Center, Math and Science Tutoring Center, Appointment Tutoring, with over 6,835appointments in 2020-2021) while building an entirely new program is amazing.”

Multiple employees submitted letters of recommendation for Ira’s Employee of the Quarter nomination.   Elaine MacDougall, Assistant Director of the Writing Center, says, “Ira has put in countless hours, including weekends, to make sure our tutoring program in the Academic Success Center is effective and meaningful for everyone involved.”  Amanda Knapp, Associate Vice Provost and Assistant Dean for the Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, says, “Tutoring is one of the most visible services provided by the Academic Success Center, and I am so proud of Ira’s knowledge of the field, her amazing quantity and quality of work and her dedication to providing exemplary academic support to thousands of UMBC students, while tracking our data and constantly improving our programs.  She is an exceptional employee who has shined this year.”  Courtney Gurrera of the Math and Science Tutoring Center, adds, “Her talents and efforts are too innumerable to list, to be honest! Ira Fabri is an outstanding, stellar employee, and I am privileged to work alongside her at UMBC.”

Ira is a member of the National College Reading and Learning Association, the National College Learning Centers Association and the Maryland College Learning Centers Association, and stays actively engaged in the field, attending conferences and trainings.

Ira was presented her award during a virtual staff meeting and was surprised and proud to learn she was selected as the Exempt Employee of the Quarter.

Recipients receive $500, a special parking space, one day of administrative leave, a certificate, his/her/their name on the Employee of the Quarter plaque and an invitation to the annual Service Award Ceremony.

Human Resources offers special thanks to everyone that nominated an employee for the award. Previous nominations received will be eligible for consideration for one year from the date received. The next Employee of the Quarter recipients will be selected in July.