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EOQ Recipients July – September 2016


The Department of Human Resources would like to congratulate Carla Ison and Dan Neeley on receiving this honor.

Carla Ison, Administrative Assistant II for the Department of History, has been named UMBC’s Non-Exempt Employee of the Quarter effective July 1 thru September 30, 2016. Carla began her career at UMBC, in June 2000, as an Administrative Assistant I for the Department of History. She was promoted to Administrative II in November of 2001.

Carla was nominated by Marjoleine Kars, Associate Professor and Chair, of the Department of History. Marjoleine says, “Carla does many things for the department: she manages the front office; does all SA work; coordinates admissions and graduations of UG and Grad students; keeps inventories of keys and computers; picks up payroll; oversees the student workers; serves as receptionist and is the Assistant to the Graduate Director. Above all, Carla is a tireless advocate for, and nurturer of, the students. Carla interacts with students all day long, and they love her because no matter what issue they bring to her, she solves it for them, expeditiously and without judgment. She is encouraging, has an amazing work ethic, and loyalty to the department that is unequaled. The History Department would fall apart without Carla.”

Marjoleine says, “This past December, Carla was instrumental in assisting the History Department’s move from the Administration building to the Fine Arts building – a big undertaking involving 16 faculty, 5 adjunct offices, undergraduate and graduate students. Carla handled all the logistics of the move. She started in the summer of 2015 sorting file cabinets, scanning documents and records so the originals could be shredded, cleaned out closets and storage spaces. She made decisions about the new furniture we would need, what could be kept, and she visited the warehouse to find used furniture we could use. She also herded cats by managing the faculty so they would all have their offices packed up in time. She provided help where needed and inspected every office to certify it for ‘moving readiness’.

Barry Riley, Manager of Facilities Management, says, “Carla not only stepped up to the plate, she hit the ball straight out of the stadium! It is one thing to coordinate your faculty and staff’s packing and labeling, and quite another to care deeply for the items being moved and the finished set-up of the faculty offices and departmental spaces. Carla worked extremely hard, alongside of me and the movers to ensure the move went off without a hiccup of a problem. She made decisions on items for her faculty, in their absence, to ensure their offices were set up the best possible way, so there were no problems when they came back to their office. I have never witnessed this type of energy and commitment from a move coordinator, and would love to work with Carla on all of our department moves in the future. In my 20+ years, I have never encountered a better-managed move…..Carla is absolutely the best.”

Carla’s colleagues, including Dean Scott Casper, surprised her with this award on July 18th. Everyone shared in congratulating Carla on her achievement and success!


Dan Neeley, Computer & Information Systems Support Specialist for the Graduate School, has been named UMBC’s Exempt Employee of the Quarter effective July 1 thru September 30, 2016. Dan began his career at UMBC, in 2003 as a student employee while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Business Technology & Philosophy. In January 2010 he was hired as a temporary office assistant. In September 2011, Dan was hired as a Graduate Admissions Specialist. He was promoted in December 2012 to his current position.

Dan was nominated by K. Jill Barr, Senior Assistant Dean of the Graduate School. Jill says, “This nomination is long overdue for Dan, who has been with the Graduate School staff for over five years. He has taken this position to the next level, beyond the daily maintenance of our on-line application program and scanning software, to leading the redesign of the new Graduate School website. He was instrumental in improving our application process for the applicant, the academic department, our processing, and serving as a mentor to his fellow staff members. In addition, Dan is just and ‘all around good guy’! I particularly want to emphasize Dan’s work on the Graduate School website. Our last website was designed using outside consultants, which although useful, created a slower and more complicated process. Dan, as a key member of the website redesign committee, used the skills he has been developing in his Master’s program in IT to streamline the entire process. Dan took the lead in forming four focus groups. He was able to design a fun, but informative process where all the participants felt that they had an opportunity to give valuable input. Our final product received high praise, thanks in great part to Dan’s efforts. Over the course of these five years, Dan has contributed in multiple ways to the success of the Graduate School and has represented us well in his IT circles on campus. He is the consummate professional, while at the same time he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I greatly admire Dan and I am honored to be his supervisor.”

“Dan is an active staff member of the department’s ‘fun committee’. As the chair, Dan led the efforts to have a Valentine’s breakfast, a Bosses Day lunch, and many student appreciation pizza parties. He has been a breath of fresh air, all the while working full time and working on his Master’s degree.

Dan was surprised to learn he was selected as Employee of the Quarter at a staff meeting on July 7, 2016. His colleagues congratulated him on his accomplishments and this award. Dan was delighted to receive this honor.

Each recipient will receive a check for $500, a special parking space, one day of administrative leave, a certificate, his/her name on the Employee of the Quarter plaque and an invitation to the annual Service Award Ceremony for all the recipients.

Human Resources offers special thanks to everyone that nominated an employee for the award. Previous nominations received will be eligible for consideration for one year from the date received. The next Employee of the Quarter recipients will be selected in October.