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Hiring Exception Process

A hiring pause was implemented on March 25, 2020 for all staff positions. Effective July 1, 2020, UMBC will be converting the hiring pause to a hiring freeze for all vacant regular and contingent II exempt and non-exempt staff positions.

The hiring freeze process applies to all state-supported and unrestricted non-state-supported (auxiliary, DRIF, revolving) exempt, non-exempt and contingent II positions. The hiring freeze does not apply to contingent I, graduate assistants, students, faculty or 100 percent restricted funded (i.e., grants and contracts) positions.

Positions that have previously been granted hiring exception approval during the hiring pause may continue the search process and do not need to reapply for hiring freeze exception approval.

Hiring Exception Approval is required for:

  • Regular exempt and nonexempt staff positions
  • Contingent II (contractual) exempt and nonexempt staff positions (Initial Hire)

Positions EXCLUDED from the hiring exception process:

  • Faculty
  • Graduate assistants
  • Student assistants
  • 100% Restricted fund (i.e., grants and contracts) positions are excluded from the hiring freeze process
  • Contingent I contracts – New and Renewals


Hiring Exception Committee

The Hiring Exception Committee, consisting of the Provost, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, and the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, will review justifications for exceptions to the freeze. Exception requests should only be submitted when the need is deemed critical to continued operations.

Hiring for Vacant Positions

A Hiring Exception Request form will need to be completed for all state-supported and unrestricted non-state-supported exempt, nonexempt and contingent II positions.

Submission and Review of Hiring Exception Requests

1. Department representatives must submit a Hiring Exception Request form to the appropriate vice president or dean for initial review and approval.
2. The deans must submit their requests to the Provost.
3. Each area vice president should electronically sign the Hiring Exception Request form to indicate review and approval.
4. The Provost or vice president may in turn submit requests deemed highly critical/essential to the Department of Human Resources (HR).

Requests to fill vacant positions should be emailed to the attention of Kim Harris at

The HR representative will present the requests received at the Hiring Exception Committee meeting.

The Hiring Exception Committee will meet every two to four weeks, depending on the volume of requests received. The Hiring Exception Committee will review the requests and the HR representative will notify the dean or vice president of the decision via email.

If you have any questions about the hiring exception process, please contact Kim Harris at or Sandy Vance at