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Hiring Pause

UMBC implemented a hiring pause process for all regular and Contingent I and II exempt and nonexempt staff positions.


Hiring Pause Update – May 1, 2020

As a follow-up to our initial communication around the introduction of a hiring pause in late March, we have reassessed our need for this pause and have determined that it will remain in effect at this time.

The hiring exception request process remains in place for those departments with a critical need at this time.

Human Resources will continue to reassess the need to maintain a hiring pause and you will receive another update in early June, 2020.

Hiring Pause Guidance Memo from March 2020

Hiring Exception Approval is required for:

Regular exempt and nonexempt staff positions

Contingent I (If & When Needed/Temporary) positions

Contingent II (contractual) exempt and nonexempt staff positions


Submitting a Hiring Exception Request:

The hiring department sends a request via email to Valerie Thomas ( and copies Kim Harris ( and the respective Division Head/Dean.

The email must include the following information and justification:

  • Job Title and Department Name
  • Position Number, name of former incumbent
  • Status of the position (already posted or new vacancy)
  • Critical/essential nature of the requirement to conduct a search at this time
  • Impact of delaying the hiring process

Hiring exception decisions will be emailed to the Division Head/Dean.


Positions EXCLUDED from the hiring exception process:

  • Faculty
  • Graduate assistants
  • Student assistants
  • 100% Restricted fund (i.e., grants and contracts) positions are excluded from the hiring freeze process