Campus ID Card

CampusIDCardThe UMBC Campus Card is an integral part of campus life.  It is the instrument that establishes your identity at UMBC, gives access to various services such as the Library and RAC, opens doors as part of access control and, with the depositing of funds, buys services and merchandise both on campus and at participating stores in the surrounding communities.

Your Campus Identity

The basic role of The Card is to establish your identity as a member of the UMBC community.  The danger of “identity thief” in today’s world can not be overstated and, as such, The Card has been designed to assure that your identity is kept safe.  Below your image and name on the card is a randomly assign alpha-numeric identifier that is unique to you and links you to the campus system.  Access to that system is restricted and subject to the most stringent safeguards available from the campus Office of Information Technology. Should you lose, misplace or suspect that your card has been compromised, it is essential to deactivate it as soon as possible, particularly if you have deposited funds to your card account. During regular business hours, come to or call the Campus Card Office. At any time, you may logon to MyUMBC and deactivate your card under the Business Services tab, Electronic Payments and Campus Card header, manage Campus Card option.  If time or circumstances make neither of the above actions practical, call the Campus Police, extension 55555, and ask them to deactivate your card. After deactivation, it will be necessary to visit the Campus Card Office to get a new card, or reactivate a found “lost” card.

Cashless Sales

Probably the most versatile function of The Card is the debit application.  Using the “prepaid” capability of The Card, you can deposit money to your card account and have a convenient, easy, quick way to pay for services and merchandise around campus without carrying cash.  Most UMBC operations accept The Card, including all food facilities, most vending machines, the Library and the Bookstore.  Some services, such as Pay-for-Print, and some facilities, such as The Comm_Store, only accept The Card as they are cashless operations.  Local merchants are beginning to join our program, and using your card is a great way of showing your support for UMBC and enjoying the convenience of card use, which includes cashless purchasing, no fees and readily available activity itemization.  Within the surrounding communities, The Card is accepted at places such as Sorrento of Arbutus, Paul’s Restaurant, Subway (Arbutus), Jamaican Me Tan and G.L. Shacks Restaurant (Catonsville). The most common method for depositing funds to a card account is through the Cash-to-Card machines located around campus.  They are available 24 hours a day and can be found in the Library, Commons, ECS Building and University Center.  A credit card may also be used to transfer funds to The Card at MyUMBC under the Business Services tab, Electronic Payments and Campus Card header, manage Campus Card option. There is a small “convenience fee” associated with the Web based transaction. There is no fee, however, associated with any type of deposit made to The Card at the campus cashier’s window in Accounting.  Using the Card is convenient, offers a number of benefits to the user and is supportive of UMBC.

Faculty and staff may purchase discounted meal plans for on-campus dining options. Enjoy the convenience of using your UMBC campus card to pay for meals. For information and to purchase a meal plan visit:

Campus Card Contact Information

University Center First Floor
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Phone Extension:  x22273

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