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Other Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible Work Schedules (Flextime) allow employees to request alternate time of arrival and departure with consideration to the operational needs of the department.  For example, an employee may request a work schedule with an arrival time of 7:00 am – 3:30 pm.

Compressed Work Schedule (CWS) are fixed work schedules, but they enable full-time employees to complete the basic 80-hour biweekly work requirement in less than 10 workdays.  For example, an employee may request to work four 10-hour workdays vs five 8-hour workdays.

Reduced Work Schedules allow for a reduction in work hours to accommodate personal or professional development needs for a specified period of time.   For example, an employee may request to work 70% vs 100% for a period of time to complete an educational program.  These arrangements affect certain benefits (leave, retirement, tuition, etc.) and consultation with the HR Department Benefits Staff is strongly recommended before finalizing/approving the arrangement.

Alternative Work Schedule FAQ’s

Alternative Work Schedule Examples