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Paycheck & Direct Deposit


IRS Encourages All Employees to Use the “IRS Withholding Calculator” – UPDATED 7/20/18



Payroll Online Service Center (POSC)

Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis.  The Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) allows employees to review and print online pay checks, year-to-date pay history and W-2s. You may also manage your W-4 and change your address with your POSC account.  Learn more about POSC and how to set-up an account.

Live Checks

Live checks are distributed to the departments on check day.  The department representative then distributes any live checks to the employee.  If the employee has multiple jobs the check will go to the primary department regardless of which job(s) are paid in that pay cycle.

Human Resources does not distribute checks directly to employees unless the University is closed for a holiday.  In these instances, Human Resources will communicate the check distribution procedures in advance through various communication channels such as the HR myUMBC group & Insights.

Employees use of E-deposits:

The convenience of e-deposits has changed the way many people deposit their live checks into their bank accounts.  There have been a number of checks that have been double deposited, e-deposited via the employee’s bank smartphone app and also with the paper check at the bank.  Often this is done as an oversight.  Please take precautions to ensure that this oversight does not happen to you by noting on the check the e-deposit date on the check for your future reference.

Warning:  Attempting to cash the same check more than once is a crime!  Do not use E-deposit to deposit your pay check and then attempt to cash your paper pay check.  Employees will be held responsible for complete repayment of any over payments made.  Fraud is a crime punishable by use of disciplinary actions and / or termination of employment. Source: Comptroller of Maryland’s website


Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is available to all employees at UMBC. It provides a safe, fast and easy way to deposit your net pay each pay in your designated account.  Direct deposit forms are processed at Central Payroll Bureau and may take up to 2 pay cycles to take effect.

Direct Deposit Form (Agency Code = 360231)

If you need to change your direct deposit account information, be aware that closing your account before you adjust your direct deposit account information may result in a delay in receiving your pay check in your account.

Direct Deposit Fact Sheet (CPB)

Tools & Resources

Net Pay Calculator – The net pay calculator can be used for estimating taxes and net pay.  Before using, please have a copy of your pay stub for reference.

Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) allows employees to review and print online pay checks, year-to-date pay history and W-2s. You may also manage your W-4 and change your address with your POSC account.

Comptroller of Maryland – State Employee Information relating to Payroll topics (W-2, direct deposit and W-4 tax withholding)


2018/2019 Pay Check Schedule with benefit premium and ORP contribution schedule.

Add this calendar to your google calendar?  Copy this link: in the other calendars box in your google calendar.

Google calendar paycheck screenshot


Archived Memos

Tax Exempt Refiling memo – 2016

Central Payroll Bureau Memo: 27 Pays in Calendar Year 2015