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New Hires

All UMBC employees must complete the appropriate new hire paperwork in order to be paid by the State of Maryland.  All new employees are required to complete an I-9 Employment Verification on or before the 1st day of employment.

Note: The Department of Homeland Security REQUIRES that the I-9 be completed on the first day by the employee and that the document verification occur within three days of the first day of employment.

New Hire Packet by Employee Classification

Contingent I New Hire Packet

Contingent II New Hire Packet

Exempt New Hire Packet

Faculty New Hire Packet

Graduate Assistant New Hire Packet

Non-exempt New Hire Packet

PT Faculty New Hire Packet

Student New Hire Packet

New employees must complete the required documents based on their employee classification.  Departments must provide the following policies to each new employee.
  • I-9 Instructions – English (I-9 Spanish Instructions) A full list of acceptable documents can be found on pages 8-11.
  • Substance Abuse Policy (Acknowledgement of Receipt Form can be found in the New Hire packets above) – The use of controlled substances and the abuse of alcohol present a serious threat to individual health and everyone’s safety.  Moreover, the use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol can result in less than complete reliability, stability and good judgement, which is inconsistent with the standards set for the faculty, staff and students of the University of Maryland Baltimore County.
  • CHIP Notice (Not required for students) & CHIP Acknowledgement Form

New Hire Forms

Tax Forms

UPDATED 7/20/19:  IRS Encourages All Employees to Use the “IRS Withholding Calculator”


W-4 – This form ensures your employer withholds the correct amount of income tax from your pay.  In the absence of a W-4, the federal and state tax laws and regulations mandate maximum taxes be withheld. Prompt Filing of Employee Withholding Certificate

** Payroll System = UM, Employing Agency = UMBC, Agency Number = 360231)

Non-Resident Alien

Non-Resident Alien (NRA) employees are required to complete specific paperwork when they are hired and during the renewal period at the end of each year for the following calendar year.

Forms & Resources

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