Temporary Alternative Work Agreement

The temporary telework and temporary remote work agreements are available below to assist with scheduling for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.   We know that a single approach will not work for all staff or units.  As supervisors/department heads think through the best methods to offer services to students, faculty and staff for the fall, face-to-face or alternative arrangements may be considered.

Employees must meet with their immediate supervisor to discuss any alternative work arrangement prior to returning to campus and completing the Temporary Telework or Temporary Remote Work Docusign form.  The following alternative work arrangements are available for consideration:

  • Flexible Work Schedule which allows adjusted start/end time for work (i.e., early start/end or later start/end to workday. For example, an employee may request a work schedule with an arrival time of 7:00 am – 3:30 pm.
  • Compressed Workweek (for nonexempt staff only) return to campus with extended workday (4, 10-hour workdays with one day out of the office or similar model). For example, an employee may request to work four 10-hour workdays vs five 8-hour workdays.
  • Telework – a hybrid arrangement where staff work on and off site for designated days or partial days during the workweek.  The Temporary Telework Agreement requires final approval by the area vice president, dean or designee.  In some instances, the VP/Dean will be the final approval. The designee name and email will populate during completion of the request.  Employees are required to review the UMBC Telework Policy as part of the process.  Employees and supervisors will be notified of the final approval/denial of any Temporary Telework or Temporary Remote Work request.  The HR Department will not be part of the approval process for Temporary Telework requests.
  • Remote Work (Limited use) – work off site every day of the workweek with presence on-site as required.  All Temporary Remote Work requests will be reviewed by the area VP/Dean, with final review and approval/denial by the Human Resources Department.

Supervisors are responsible for notifying employees of their schedules to return to campus no less than two weeks prior to the return date.   If assistance is needed to schedule or plan, contact the Human Resources Department at covid19hrresponseteam@umbc.edu.

Campus leaders will continue to review schedules throughout the fall semester to determine the work arrangements that work best to offer high level customer service, foster team interactions, and continue to support our vibrant UMBC community.