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Hiring Nonexempt Staff

UMBC goes live on May 1, 2017 for new Nonexempt Staff (Regular and Contingent II) searches.


Note:  Positions that have already been posted and are currently in process will continue in the standard paper process until the position is filled.

PageUp Information and Training Guides for the PageUp system are available here.


Login to UMBC PageUp system by clicking button below:

Use the links below to guide yourself through the process of hiring nonexempt staff at UMBC. .

JUMP TO: Preliminary Steps I Starting a Search I Advertising/Posting a Position I Evaluating the Candidate Pool/Interviewing I Selection/Approvals I Formal Offer/Wrap Up

Preliminary Steps

Classification/Establishing a Position

If the position is new, it must first be established.  Please see information on establishing a position or contact the Classification Manager for further information.

If the position is vacant and has the same title and status, proceed to starting a search.

If the position is vacant but the position title and/or status needs to be changed, a reclassification must be completed prior to starting a search.  Please see information on reclassifying a position or contact the Classification Manager for further information.

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Starting a Search

  1. The hiring department completes the Requisition in the PageUp system.
  2. The hiring department routes the Requisition for approvals.

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Advertising/Posting a Position

Human Resources will review the Requisition and the advertisement/posting text.

Human Resources will edit the advertisement/posting text if needed.   Once approved, the posting will be placed on the Human Resources website.

Upon request, Human Resources will prepare an ad copy to be used for ad placement.  UMBC has subscriptions to MA-HERC and The hiring department may request for ads to be placed on these websites at no cost to the department.  The hiring department will place ads in all other sources using the approved ad copy.

Candidates for nonexempt positions will complete and submit an application using the PageUp system.  Human Resources will review and rate the applications after the closing date.  Those candidates meeting the minimum qualifications for the position will be placed on the eligibility list.

The hiring department will be forwarded the eligible applicants approximately four business days after the closing date.

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Evaluating the Candidate Pool/Interviewing

The search committee will review the applications and determine those candidates to be contacted for interviews.
After the interview process, the committee will assess and rank candidates and determine the top candidate to be recommended for the position.
The hiring department will check references on the top candidate(s).
Please contact the Employment Manager if selecting a current UMBC or USM employee as certain policies may apply regarding salary.

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Making a Recommendation for Selection

  1. The hiring department will complete Offer Card in the PageUp system.
  2. The hiring department will complete the Memo of Justification outlining the search and the justification for recommending the candidate and upload in the PageUp system . A sample memo is available in the Resources section.
  3. If a criminal background check is required for the position, please see instruction in the PageUp training guide for sending the background authorization request to the candidate.
  4. The hiring department will route the Offer Card for approval.

The dean’s/division head’s office will review and sign off on the selection using the PageUp system. The Offer Card will be routed to the next approving authority.      Once received by Human Resources, we will review the materials and approve the selection (if appropriate). The department may then make the formal offer to the candidate.

Note: Do not make a formal offer of employment prior to the final approval of the Offer Card.

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Formal Offer/Wrap Up

If the Selected Candidate Accepts the Position


Human Resources will send the selected candidate a confirmation letter and schedule him/her for orientation.



If the candidate declined the position, there are two options available:

  1.  If a second choice candidate is available, a new Offer Card will need to be completed and routed for approval.


2. Reopening a Search

In the event, that a candidate declines the position and no other viable candidates remain, the hiring department may request to reopen the search.

The posting/ad(s) will be updated accordingly and the position re-advertised.  Contact a member of the Employment Staff.

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