TLOD Digital Badges

We are proud to announce the roll-out of ten digital badges linked to various in-person and online professional development programs.  See below for details.   WLODW Badge

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are an innovative way to showcase career knowledge, skills and abilities obtained through professional development.

Why are badges important and how can I use them?

According to the MacArthur Foundation, badges “make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings, and hold the potential to help transform where and how learning is valued”.

Digital badges provide evidence of learning and insights into what you, the badge earner, did in order to achieve the badge. These badges act as credentials that can be shared through digital portfolios and social and professional networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

List of Eligible Programs

Building Bridges Across Maryland Program
Career Development Essentials
UMBC Skillsoft Percipio Certificate Tracks

How are the badges issued?

Upon program completion, badges will be issued through Credly.  Participants will receive an email from the University System of Maryland with instructions on claiming badges.  Once badges are claimed, you can share the badge through various social media channels.

For more information, please contact Melody Wright at