Talent Acquisition/Employment Staff

Kim Harris, Talent Acquisition/Employment Manager
Phone: 410-455-2911
E-mail: kimh@umbc.edu
Kim is responsible for recruitment and selection for exempt and non-exempt staff as well as faculty recruitment. She coordinates the Employee of the Quarter Program. In addition, Kim is responsible for development and maintenance of the Human Resources website.

Joseph Michelizzi, Talent Acquisition/Employment Specialist
Phone: 410-455-2912
E-mail:  micheliz@umbc.edu
The incumbent assists the Employment Manager in recruitment and selection of staff and faculty positions. The incumbent reviews job requisitions, posts positions, reviews and evaluates application forms, reviews offer approval, provides guidance and technical assistance to hiring departments and applicants and assists with PageUp administration.

Vacant, Talent Acquisition & Classification/Compensation Specialist
Phone: 410-455-1767

The incumbent is responsible for the maintenance of the PageUp applicant tracking system including reviewing and processing security requests; training users; providing technical assistance; and assist with recruitment and hiring functions. The incumbent is also responsible for conducting job studies and other related classification/compensation projects.