Hiring a Contingent II Staff

Contingent II is a non-regular status of employment for nonexempt or exempt staff positions in the USM. Employees have a written agreement/contract with the terms and conditions of employment. Contingent II status was previously referred to as “contractual”.

Contingent II employees are required to be hired through a competitive recruitment and selection process. You may NOT convert a Contingent I employee to a Contingent II status. For more information on the policy and definitions please see the Board of Regents Policy VII-1.40 on Contingent Status Employment for Nonexempt and Exempt Staff Employees.

The recruitment and selection process is the same for Contingent II positions as it is for a regular staff positions. Please see hiring procedures for nonexempt or exempt staff.

The job posting template will reflect the Contingent II status of the position. The status and meaning should be explained to candidates during the interview process and again at the informal offer stage. After a selection has been made and the offer card has been approved, you will need to complete a Personal Services Contract and Addendum.

Procedures and Information for Hiring a New Contingent II employee 

Contingent II/Personal Services Contract and Addendum Forms

Contingent II Leave Benefits – Summary of Policy

USM Policy  VII-1.40  on Contingent Employment – definition, benefits, recruitment requirements and conversion requirements.

Procedures and Information on Renewing a Contingent II Contract