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To schedule an appointment, call 800-732-8353 or visit the TIAA website for online scheduling.

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TIAA Customer Service 1-800-842-2776
TIAA USM Website
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To schedule an appointment, call 800-642-7131 or visit Fidelity’s online scheduling.

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Fidelity Customer Service:  1-800-343-0860
Fidelity USM Website

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Need information on setting up a 401k / 457b or 403b? Use this guide to get started:

MSRP Quick Start Guide

Do you already have an account with Nationwide through MSRP and need help with your account?

Early & Mid-Career Employees:

Schedule a Call or Virtual Appointment With Your Retirement Specialist, Savannah Bellamy

Are you getting ready to retire or are within 5 years of retirement?

Schedule an appointment with Geoff Flanders

Schedule an appointment with Abby Kuo

Additional Resources:

MSRP Nationwide Customer Service:  1-800-966-6355
MSRP Website