Contingent Staff and Adjunct Faculty- Health Coverage Eligibility

ACA provisions expand coverage to eligible USM contractual employees.  Contractual employees working 75% or more (30+ hours/week) may elect subsidized coverage under the State of Maryland Health program through the Department of Budget & Management.  Eligibility for subsidized benefits include the following:

  • Contingent I and II staff on contracts greater than 90-days who are contracted to working 30+ hours/week
  • Adjunct faculty on contracts greater than 90-days who teach at least 75% (9 credits) of the expected course load of a full-time non-tenure-track instructional faculty member according to their institution’s standards
  • Other contractual faculty on contracts greater than 90-days working 30+ hours/week

Eligible contractual employees will be able to participate in the State health plan with a state subsidy at the following levels:

  • Employer-subsidized medical and prescription drug coverage the State will cover 75% of the full premium, with the employee paying 25%
  • Dental coverage, Life insurance, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment may be elected at the unsubsidized rates
  • Contractual employees will pay the State directly for the cost of their premium.  There are no payroll deductions for contractual employees (please see payment instructions below).

Contractual employees who work less than 75% (less than 30 hours/week) on contracts greater than 90-days are eligible to participate in the State Benefits Program at the un-subsidized rates. 

Contractual employees must enroll within 60-days of their hire date (or date they first become eligible) or during open enrollment.  The State of Maryland Benefits Guide listed below outlines other qualifying events that may allow enrollment outside of the annual open enrollment period.

Coverage Effective Dates

  1. Effective Dates of Coverage:  Coverage begins on the 1st of the month following the start date or eligibility date.  If a new hire starts or becomes eligible on the first of the month, benefits are effective on their start date.  The state will bill the employee back to their effective date.  When electing coverage, the SPS Workday system will confirm your effective date.
  2. Terminations:  Coverage will end at the end of the month in which an employee separates from employment or loses eligibility (contract ends, the employee is not working hours/credits, removal of spouses/dependents, etc.)

Rates & Resources

State of Maryland Benefits Guide

Subsidized and Non-Subsidized Rates for Contractual Employees

Using the SPS Workday System to Enroll for Coverage

Instructions to pay for coverage through the State of Maryland 

Contractual Online Payment System Login

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