Apply for Tuition Remission

Eligible employees who are taking courses or who have a spouse/dependent taking courses at any USM institution can use the online Tuition Remission system below. To use this system for a spouse or dependent child, you must have the student’s Campus ID for the USM institution where they attend.

Please note:

  • If you are a Retiree, Graduate Assistant, or applying to Morgan State University (MSU), Baltimore City Community College (BCCC), or St. Mary’s College of Maryland, you are required to use the USM Tuition Remission form: Application for Tuition Remission.
  • Restrictions: Employees are required to be on payroll as of the first day of classes in order to be eligible to use tuition remission for that semester. Study Abroad administrative and program fees are not included in Tuition Remission.
  • Excluded from Tuition Remission: All non-credit courses and Computer Certificate Programs offered through the Division of Professional Studies or the UMBC Training Centers. Courses must have credits attached to them in order to be eligible for tuition remission.

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CLICK HERE to apply for Tuition Remission