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PageUp Resources

Training Guides & Reference Sheets


What is PageUp?

PageUp is an applicant tracking system that will provide electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs.

What processes are in PageUp?

Nonexempt and Exempt Staff Positions (Regular, Grant Funded, Contingent II)

  • Personnel Requisition forms and all associated hiring documents;
  • All approvals;
  • Applications for employment (nonexempt and exempt staff);
  • Hiring Departments view of applications;
  • Selection approval process
  • Offer letters to the candidates; and
  • Candidates’ acceptance of the offers.
When will training be conducted?

Training is highly recommended for employees who serve as HR Hiring Liaisons, Hiring Managers and Search Committee Chairs.
Visit for schedule and to register.


PageUp Training Guides

Note:   Training Guides will be updated frequently.  Please download newest version when you are ready to use.

Basic Information and Navigation – General information on navigation and using the dashboard and menu.   Recommend for all users.

Starting a Search – Creating a Requisition to start a search.   Recommended for HR Liaisons and Hiring Managers

Guide for Approvers – Instruction for approving Requisitions and Offer Cards.   Recommended for Department Heads, Deans, Division Heads, Vice Presidents, and any one associated with approvals.

Managing Applications – Instruction for viewing, changing statuses, communications and associated tasks for managing the applicants.  Recommended for HR Liaisons, Hiring Managers and Search Chairs.

Bulk Compile and Send Instructions – Instructions for printing and/or emailing applications as a PDF document (for multiple applications)

Scheduling Interviews and Checking References – Information on the interview and reference check processes and how to use the electronic system to accomplish these tasks.   Recommended for HR Liaisons, Hiring Managers and Search Chairs.

Search Committee – Instructions for reviewing applications in PageUp.  Recommended for all search committee members and search chairs.

Managing Offers/Selection Approval – Instruction on submitting the offer card for selection approval and closing out the search.  Recommended for HR Liaisons and Hiring Managers.

Posting an Ad for a Contingent I Position in PageUp – Instruction for posting an advertisement for a temporary/Contingent I position

PageUp Quick Reference Sheets

PageUp ATS Security Role Definitions – List of security roles and definitions in PageUp

Glossary of PageUp Terms – Glossary with definitions of PageUp terminology

Approver Quick Reference Sheet – One page instruction sheet on approving requisitions and offer cards/selections

Regret Notifications – Listing of automated and manual regret notifications

Nonexempt Staff Recruitment Process – Overview of the nonexempt recruitment process

Exempt Staff Recruitment Process – Overview of the exempt recruitment process

Nonexempt Staff Applicant Statuses – Listing of nonexempt applicant statuses and their meaning

Exempt Staff Applicant Statuses – Listing of  exempt applicant statuses and their meaning