PeopleSoft & Related Security Procedures

There are specific business processes required to complete in order to get access to PeopleSoft and other business systems to perform the role as a Payroll Preparer, Approver, Check pick-up authorization, etc.

  • HR PageUp & PeopleSoft Security Access Request Form :  Must be completed to receive access to PeopleSoft for Human Resources and Payroll related data. (Roles: Manager/Supervisor, Department Head, Business Manager, Division Head)
  • Payroll Certification:  To be completed if there is an overlap in roles that would conflict with the separation of duties. (ex. primary approver role and back-up preparer role can not complete both functions in the same pay cycle.)
  • Signature Authorization*:  Assigns primary and alternate departmental roles for time entry preparer & approver, check pick-up, reconcile/distribute checks.*

* If you are requesting security for a Preparer or Approver role, the Signature authorization will replace the need for the HR Security Access form.