Search Committee Toolkit

Selecting and Training the Search Committee

Before the Search: The Committee  – Resource from the HERC Search Committee Toolkit on forming the search committee

HERC Search Committee Training Videos
Before the Search: The Committee
Before the Search: The Recruitment Plan
During the Search: Reviewing the Applicants
Selection: Campus Visits and In-Person Interviewing

Search Committee Agreement – Recommended document for Search Chairs to give to search committee members

Implicit Bias Training and Resources

Combatting Implicit Bias in Hiring

Before the Search

Before the Search: The Recruitment Plan – Resource from the HERC Search Committee Toolkit on developing the recruitment plan


How to Post a Free LinkedIn Job Ad

Post a Job on Handshake to reach upcoming and new graduates at UMBC and other institutions.  Directions to Post

Advertising Sources for Workforce Diversity

Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Title IX Advertising Statements – Required statements for UMBC job postings/ads

Search Firm Guidelines

Guidelines for Using a Search Firm for Recruitment:  UMBC departmental guidelines for coordinating recruitment and hiring of a staff position using a search firm

Application Review

Applicant Diversity Report – Instructions for viewing the diversity of the applicant pool for a specific job.  This report provides anonymous data on the diversity of the applicant pool at various stages of recruitment.  The report is a helpful tool to evaluate the initial applicant pool to determine if further advertising and outreach is needed.  In addition, the report should be used during the evaluation of the search to analyze if diversity of the pool was consistent as the search progressed.

How to Send Applications to Search Committee Members – Instructions on how to move applicants into viewable status for search committee members in the PageUp system.

Search Committee instructions for  Viewing and Rating Application Materials Directions for  search committee members on how to locate, review and rate applications in the PageUp system.

Applicant/Candidate Assessment

Assessing Candidates in terms of Inclusive Excellence

During the Search: Reviewing the Candidates – Resource from the HERC Search Committee Toolkit on reviewing the applicants.

Rubric/Selection Criteria Evaluation

Sample Rubric – Sample rubric template that can be adapted for your search criteria

Sample Applicant Evaluation Form– Sample evaluation form for reviewing applicant materials

Search Committee Member Responses Report – Instructions for how to locate and run the PageUp report.  This report will summarize all the search committee responses on the ratings in the PageUp system.  The report can be downloaded in Excel and used to evaluate the selection criteria.


Interview Guidelines and Considerations – Items to consider prior to scheduling interviews

Sample Interview Questions

Inclusive Interview Questions – Sample interview questions on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion

Sample Faculty Interview Questions:  Sample interview questions provided by HERC

STAR Interview Method:  Information on behavior based responses to structured interview questions

Interview Question Guidelines: Questions that may and may not be asked during an interview (illegal questions)

Video Interview Best Practices:  Tips for scheduling and conducting video interviews for hiring managers and search chairs. Includes a list of Do’s and Don’ts to give to the search committee members.

Scheduling Video Interviews:  Guidance on how to set up and schedule video interviews with sample emails to send to the candidates.

Virtual Interview Agenda – Sample interview agenda to give to candidates that will be having multiple video interviews

Sample Candidate Interview Evaluation Form (Staff) – Sample evaluation form to assess candidates’ interviews

Sample Faculty Interview Evaluation Template – sample evaluation form from HERC


Reference Checking

UMBC Reference Form: Sample form that can be used when checking references