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Training_ThumbnailPerformance Management

Effective performance evaluation involves communication between the employee and the supervisor of expectations, goals, and the standards for measuring performance. The employee needs to know the supervisor’s expectations and how the outcomes will be measured. The supervisor needs to assure that the employee is aware of his/her expectations and has a complete understanding of the job duties for the position. The Performance Management Process (PMP) provides a structure for employees and supervisors to communicate regarding performance issues and plan for professional development.

The Performance Management Process is an ongoing one. Supervisors should initially meet with new employees within the first week after the start date to begin the process. Ongoing feedback should be provided to review progress and reassess needs and goals.

Learn more about UMBC’s PMP process here.

Professional Development

Supervisors play a very important role in creating a healthy work environment that encourages and supports people to perform at their best. A healthy work environment helps people have more energy, handle stress, be more creative, manage conflict, build collaboration and teamwork, be more adaptable and resilient, and get better results. A strong focus on professional development is an important component.

There are many ways to provide development for your employees. The Workplace Learning & Wellness website has a list of our current workshops as well as tools and resources for leadership, mentoring, professional development, and other topics.

  • E-Learning
  • Resources
  • Kognito ( provides a suite of online training programs for faculty, staff and students to practice having difficult conversations.  The “at-risk” program is an online game-based simulation with virtual students. Faculty and staff sharpen their skills in recognizing signs of psychological distress, addressing ways to approach students, and discovering ways to support and refer students to mental health services on campus.

Recognition & Rewards

Each year, the UMBC community comes together to celebrate the accomplishments of our outstanding faculty and staff.  Departments and offices are invited to submit nominations for the following awards:  UMBC Presidential Faculty & Staff Awards, University System of Maryland Board of Regents’ Faculty and Staff Awards; UMBC President’s Commission for Women Achievement Award; and the Jakubik Family Endowment Staff Award.  Learn more about these awards here.

UMBC also recognizes members of the UMBC community with:

Fair and Equitable Workplace

The mission of UMBC’s Office of Equity & Inclusion is to develop and implement strategies and programs which promote equal opportunity and respect for all members of the UMBC campus community.

To learn more, visit the Office of Equity & Inclusion site.

Religious and Diversity Awareness Calendar

Healthy Environment

Creating a healthy environment is one of the most important things that leaders can do. A high-performance environment encourages and supports people to perform at their best. It helps people have more energy, handle stress, manage conflict, build collaboration and teamwork, be more adaptable and resilient, and get better results.