Performance Management Process

cycle_2011Effective performance evaluation involves communication between the employee and the supervisor of expectations, goals, and the standards for measuring performance. The employee needs to know the supervisor’s expectations and how the outcomes will be measured. The supervisor needs to assure that the employee is aware of his/her expectations and has a complete understanding of the job duties for the position. The Performance Management Process (PMP) provides a structure for employees and supervisors to communicate regarding performance issues and plan for professional development.  PMP evaluations are required for all regular/regular grant-funded nonexempt and exempt employees in accordance with USM VII – 5.20 – Policy on the Performance Management Program.

The Performance Management Process is an ongoing one. Supervisors should initially meet with new employees within the first week after the start date to begin the process. Ongoing feedback should be provided to review progress and reassess needs and goals.

Below you’ll find the forms and resources you need to guide you through the PMP process. Questions? Contact Michale Sheckleford Tallon at 410-455-1638.

Message to Supervisors
End of Cycle PMP Reminder
Performance Management Supervisor Resources 


PMP Form for Nonexempt and Exempt Employees
Optional Short PMP Form for Nonexempt  and Exempt Employees
PMP DocuSign – To submit PMP forms
PMP Docusign Instructions

Form Resources

PMP Guide to Defining Performance Ratings
PMP Rating Worksheet (Optional)

Interactive PDF Form
Excel spreadsheet with built-in formulas

Help With Forms 

Helpful tips for enabling Macros and using the spell check feature in the MS Word PMP form.

Guides & Resources

Performance Management Supervisor Resources 
Tips for Giving Corrective Feedback
Planning for Performance Management Success: A Guide for Supervisors
Understanding Performance Management: A Guide for Non-Supervisory Staff