Hiring Exempt Staff

PageUp Information and Instructions are available here.


Preliminary Steps

Classification/Position Verification

Hiring departments must have an updated and approved position description before recruitment may begin or the job requisition is created in PageUp.  This will ensure the position is appropriately classified, has a current salary range and will eliminate potential delays during the recruitment process. 

Email the Position Description form to HRclasscomp@umbc.edu.   If the position description has not changed, you will still need to submit a copy with the current date noting no changes for a class confirmation review.  You will receive an email confirmation once the position description has been reviewed and approved.  Questions regarding position descriptions should be sent to HRclasscomp@umbc.edu.

If the position is new, it must first be established.  Please see information on establishing a position or contact the Classification Manager for further information.
If the position is vacant but the position title and/or status needs to be changed, a reclassification must be completed prior to starting a search.  Please see information on reclassifying a position or contact the Classification Manager for further information.
Review the current Position Description and make any needed updates.  If no updates are necessary, date the Position Description with the current date.  Submit the Position Description form for Class/Comp position verification.

Starting a Search

The hiring department completes the Requisition in the PageUp system and routes for approvals.

Advertising/Posting a Position

Human Resources will review the Personnel Requisition including the advertisement/posting copy.

Human Resources will make any needed edits to the posting.  Once approved, the announcement will be placed on the UMBC Jobs website, HERC and higheredjobs.

UMBC has subscriptions to MA-HERC, and higheredjobs.com so there is no cost to the hiring department.    The hiring department will place ads in all other sources using the approved ad copy.

Evaluating the Candidate Pool/Interviewing

Applicants will submit an application form and any other requested documents (resumes, cover letters, letters of reference, etc.) using the PageUp system.

The hiring manager and/or search committee chair will screen the candidates for minimum qualifications and determine those to be forwarded to the search committee.  The search committee will review the applicants and recommend those candidates to be contacted for interviews.

After the interview process, the committee will assess and rank the candidates and determine the top candidate to be recommended for the position.

The hiring department will check references on the top candidate(s).

Making a Recommendation for Selection

  1. Make the informal verbal offer to the applicant (obtain prior approval regarding salary if needed).
  2. The hiring department completes the Memo of Justification outlining the search and the justification for recommending the candidate and uploads it to the applicant card. A sample memo is available in the Resources section.
  3. If a criminal background check is required for the position, the applicant is moved into the Send Background Authorization Form status.
  4. The hiring department creates the Offer Card and routes for selection approval.

Note: Do not make a formal offer of employment prior to receiving all approvals of the offer details.

Formal Offer/Wrap Up

Make the formal verbal offer to the candidate and determine a start date.  All start dates must be coordinated with the departmental payroll preparer to allow sufficient time for completion of all hiring/payroll documents.

Verify the correct start date has been entered on the Offer Card.  Notify hrrecruitment@umbc.edu that the start date and salary are confirmed.

The candidate will receive the offer letter in the PageUp account.

The candidate will need to accept or decline the offer in the PageUp account.