Electronic Time Sheets

The Department of Human Resources continues to strive in streamlining business processes while leveraging technology. As we continue to automate our HR system, we are establishing and implementing functionality for the automation of time and attendance, aggregate time reporting, rapid time entry and the elimination of manual submission of time sheets (including regular faculty). By implementing a time management solution, UMBC more accurately track bi-weekly hours of its workforce. Thus, UMBC elected to transition to an electronic timekeeping approach. Effective May, 2015, the UMBC campus community converted from a manual paper process to an electronic time sheet (ETS) process for the recording, approving and processing of time and leave data.

To ensure University compliance with USM policies in addition to federal and audit regulations, employees are expected to accurately complete and promptly submit time sheets while supervisors and/or time sheet approvers are expected to review and approve timekeeping records.

Below are instructional guides, videos, and scripts to assist employees with the electronic process.

Written Instructional Guides

Guide for Employees

Guide for Supervisors & Time Sheet Approvers

Duty Day Memo

Guide for Payroll Preparers  Note: Requires MyUMBC log-in

ETS Employee Supervisor Reports to Setup  Note: Requires MyUMBC log-in

Burst Reports for Payroll Preparers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Video Tutorials

ETS Guide for Employees

ETS Guide for Supervisors and Time Sheet Approvers

ETS Employee to Supervisor Reports to Setup

Guide for Payroll Preparers and Payroll Approvers