Position Classification

The Classification/Compensation Unit of the Human Resources (HR) Department is responsible for the review and study of new and existing positions.  This includes the review, analysis and monitoring of organization positions, salaries and wage structures. The position management process relates to the electronic update and tracking of position data in the PeopleSoft (PS) system.  Staff of the Class/Comp Unit work with departments to ensure staffing and organization needs are met.  Understanding position classification requires an understanding of where the process resides in the flow of human resources activities.  The following chart depicts the overall flow of HR functional activity at UMBC.   Each of the five components represents a major functional activity of the HR department.


As depicted above, position review and/or update must occur Before advertising – Before job posting – Before interviewing.  The following resources provide a clear outline of the position classification process, position components, as well as the PS Position Management process:

Effectively Managing Positions Manual

Job Title Codes

Nonexempt Job Class Specifications