Pre-Hire Process

The Pre-hire process allows departments to get a new employee access to UMBC resources before all of their new hire paperwork is processed by Human Resources.

In order for an employee to receive a myUMBC account prior to being placed on the University payroll, a pre-hire request must be completed.  This process is limited to new faculty and staff employees who have received an official offer of employment from the University (appointment approval from President/ Provost; or appointment confirmation from HR Department).  The pre-hire record remains active for 3 months to provide sufficient time to for the hiring department to submit the required new hire documentation.  The pre-hire will receive emails at 60, 30 and 7 days notifying them of their systems access and when it will be expiring.  The process steps are outlined below:

  • Campus hiring department makes request to HR by submitting the Faculty/Staff Pre-Hire form to the Employee Changes Portal  (Select transaction type Prehire)
  • HR Staff will review form and supporting document(s) and enter individual as Person of Interest type (Pre-hire Faculty or Pre-hire Staff) in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.
  • Once the record has been created the “pre-hired” employee, the department sponsor and the back-office Payroll staff person will get an email confirming that the pre-hire has been processed along with a Welcome email including instructions for creating myUMBC user account information.
  • For faculty pre-hires, an RT ticket will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office in order to make a determination regarding security access to SA modules.
  • When the hiring department submits new hire payroll packet, the EMPID of the Pre-Hire must be provided in order to alert HR Payroll staff of existing record for new employee.

As stated above, the pre-hire record will remain active for 3 months.  The pre-hire will receive email alerts at 30 days and 7 days notifying them of systems access and when it will expire.  In the event the hiring department will not provide the necessary new hire paperwork within the 3 month period, HR Payroll must be notified to ensure the expiration date on the pre-hire record is adjusted.

Form: Faculty & Staff Pre-Hire form to be submitted via the DocuSign submission portal (Select transaction type Prehire). This form is also used to update affiliations for existing empl ids.

Next Steps: New Employee Onboarding

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