Leave Benefits


UMBC offers employees a variety of leave benefits designed to accommodate personal and professional needs.  Availability of benefits are based upon eligibility and category of employment.

Paid Leave:  Leave benefits available dependent upon category of employment.

Family and Medical Leave Act:  The FMLA allows employees up to 12 weeks of paid or unpaid leave for qualifying medical event wherein the University will continue to pay its portion of health benefits.  There are various options available to ensure protection of an employee’s job and benefits with the onset of a serious medical condition experienced by the employee or immediate family member.

Parental Leave: Read UMBC’s policy to support faculty and staff in balancing professional and family demands here.

Holidays: 14 paid holidays (15 in election year).  Must be employed on calendar date of occurrence in order to receive credit for holiday when it is observed by the University.

Jury Duty:  Regular employees are excused from work when called upon to serve and receive usual compensation without charge to accrued leave, provided appropriate documentation is supplied to verify jury service.

Military Leave: 15 days of administrative leave for anyone enlisted in the armed forces or organized militia for observance of annual training exercises or military call up.

Unpaid Leave:  A Leave of Absence Without Pay (LWOP) is available for personal, medical, military, or research purposes.  Employees should consult appropriate employee manual for eligibility criteria.