New Hire Benefit Enrollment

New employees will be able to log into SPS Workday using their SPS ID/Workday Number.  This is a unique identifier assigned by the State of Maryland.  Your SPS ID begins with W and is followed by 7 digits and is also referred to as your “W-Number”.  New Hires can review rates, the benefits guide, and plan information on the Benefit Information Page.

When to Login

New hires will get an email alert within 2-3 weeks of their hire date or the date their were entered into our payroll system.  The email alert will be from and will contain:

  1. Your SPS ID (also referred to as the W#)
  2. An initial temporary password to login for the first time

New Hires have 60 days from their hire date on payroll to elect benefits in SPS Workday.

How to Login

Current Employees experiencing a “Qualifying Event” may enroll in benefits by visiting the “Making Changes” page.

Coverage Effective Dates

  1. Effective Dates of Coverage:  Coverage begins on the 1st of the month following the start date of a new hire.  If a new hire starts on the first of the month, benefits are effective on their start date.  If deductions do not occur until after their effective date, the State will bill the employee back to their effective date.
  2. Terminations:  Coverage will end at the end of the month in which an employee separates from employment or loses eligibility (such as dependents turning 26, removal of spouses/dependents, etc.)
  3. FSA Effective Dates:  FSA effective dates will begin on the 1st of the month following your benefit election changes to allow enough time for the State to process pre-taxed deductions.