Navigating & Leading Change

Change happens all the time, whether we choose it or it chooses us.

As fellow human beings, we will experience changes in our lifetime and how we choose to respond is up to us. Here at UMBC we have already seen changes taking place on our campus as well as continuing changes to the evolving landscape of higher education itself. These changes elicit various responses that are normal during any process of transition. We understand that change can pose both challenges and opportunities for us personally, professionally, and organizationally. In order to be effective in our work it is imperative that we equip ourselves with the knowledge, skills, and strategies, as well as a common language to understand, cope with, and adapt to change. This is true for our individual contributor roles and for those in supervisory roles to effectively and proactively lead and support their people during this time of both challenge and opportunity.

In an effort to support the current and future changes at UMBC, the Human Resources & Strategic Talent Management department has partnered with a leader in personal and organizational change, FranklinCovey in kicking off a full year, strategic focus on change.

FranklinCovey Change: How to Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity: October 18-25, 2023

In October, we will formally kick off our strategic focus as we roll out in-person modules FranklinCovey’s: Change: How to Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity. We have multiple sessions available, and we hope to bring as many faculty and staff through this initial October training with a FranklinCovey certified trainer. This engaging learning experience will provide practical skills and strategies to help us understand and manage our reactions, learn how to navigate change both functionally and emotionally, and will introduce a model that makes the change process predictable.

There will be three separate 2-hour modules for different populations:

  • Navigating Change (2 hours) – For Individual Contributors + Managers and Leaders
  • Leading Change Part I (2 hours) – For Managers and Leaders
  • Leading Change Part II (2 hours) – For Managers and Leaders

This is a 2-hour time investment for individual contributors (non-supervisors) and a 6-hour time investment for managers & leaders.

Register for training at:

More program details can be found in our FranklinCovey Change flyer as well as information for UMBC’s in-person sessions.

Change Champion Division Training

Are you passionate about learning, development and change? Are you comfortable with presenting to others? If so, we invite you to apply to become a Change Champion.

As part of scaling this initiative onto campus, Human Resources & Strategic Talent Management is creating a year-long Change Champion cohort program, funding 50 individuals to receive certification in the FranklinCovey Change program and continue this important training & support in their divisions. We hope to have several Change Champions in every division and this program is both self-nominated as well as Dean/VP nominated.

For more information on the program components and time commitment, please check out our Change Champion Flyer and apply through our Change Champion Interest Form.