EOQ Recipients January – March 2024

Nonexempt Employee of the Quarter Photo    Exempt Employee of the Quarter Photo

The Department of Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management would like to congratulate Glenn Cook and Amy Barnes on receiving this honor.

Glenn Cook, Ground Supervisor in Facilities Management, has been selected as the Non-Exempt Employee of the Quarter for January-March of 2024. Glenn started his career at UMBC in 2000 as a Groundskeeper. He was promoted to his current position in 2020.

Glenn was nominated by Anthony Jackson, MT Multi Trades Supervisor of Facilities Management. In describing his work Anthony Jackson says, “Glenn Cook is a person that truly loves his position, duties, and the people he works with and for. Glenn is loud, talkative, fun to be around, and quick to assist anyone and always smiling. He is responsible for the collection and processing of campus recyclables to include cardboard, plastics, electronics, and appliances and compost of which he coordinates setting up and removal of drop off stations for events, dumpsters and carts for cardboard. He also insures that everything is removed from campus in a clean orderly manner. You may observe him riding around campus in a pickup truck, backhoe, skid loader or fork lift transporting his projects.“

“Glenn provides dumpster assistance for Residential Life during move in and out and emergency clean up on Campus with regular and roll off dumpsters as needed. Glenn communicates with various departments on campus as well as vendors. He orders updated recycling containers and dumpsters and coordinates electronic and book disposal on campus. He has a direct phone number with all contractors and department representatives that allow for faster service and ensure problems are kept to a minimum. He often comes in after work hours, on weekends and on holidays to remove dead animals, trees, road debris and other obstacles.“

“Glenn shows his UMBC pride when preparing, setting up and putting on the annual bonfire for the Homecoming on Erickson Field. He enjoys seeing the excitement of the crowd during the bonfire.”

“Glenn is a member of the Facilities Staff Development Group. He plays on the softball team for his church. He is a huge Orioles and Ravens fan.”

Glenn was presented his award at a surprise celebration with his Facilities Management colleagues. He was proud to be selected as the EOQ and grateful for the recognition.


Amy Barnes, Coordinator in Center for the Center for Social Science Scholarship, has been selected as the Exempt Employee of the Quarter for January-March of 2024. Amy started her career at UMBC in 2017 as an Administrative Assistant in the Department of Sociology. She transferred to her current position and department in 2020.

Amy was nominated by Christine Mallinson, the Director of the Center for Social Science Scholarship (CS3). In describing Amy’s work, Christine Mallinson says, “Amy is an all-around extraordinary and highly valued colleague in CS3, across CAHSS, and at UMBC. She has a tremendous work ethic. She is a team player who is always professional, personable, and conscientious, and she goes above and beyond every day to support everyone who interfaces with CS3, across CAHSS and at UMBC.”

“Amy has been the coordinator in UMBC’s Center for Social Science Scholarship (a college wide social science research center, located within the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences) since 2020. From day one, she quickly became indispensable. She maintains day to day operations, including routinely organizing events, drafting email newsletters, maintaining financial records, drafting annual reports, organizing meetings of the CS3 advisory board, assisting with social media, among many other tasks. Amy repeatedly takes the lead on new projects, often before anyone realizes there is a need. She is an excellent troubleshooter, working with faculty, staff, and students to resolve complex projects (e.g. working fund setup) and persevering until the problem has been solved.”

“Amy also increasingly takes on expanded responsibilities. In 2021, she spearheaded the redesign and merging of two websites into one comprehensive CS3 website, which she still
maintains. In 2022, when CS3 launched our podcast, she became its coordinator as well, ensuring the website is updated, transcripts are accurate, and that student interns are hired, trained, and supervised. Since 2022, she has been the point person for CS3’s Social Sciences Forum Distinguished Lecture Series, coordinating logistics with presenters, faculty, and staff.”

“Finally, Amy is highly knowledgeable about UMBC processes and often assists those in other units, both in and outside of CAHSS. For example, she recently served on the search
for a new administrative assistant in the Department of Africana Studies; she has supported research administration staff connected with CS3 and CAHSS as needed (e.g., taking on
sensitive inventory; figuring out participant payments for a CAHSS co-PI’s award with a COEIT PI); she has assisted with a large, virtual speaker event for the Language, Literacy & Culture PhD Program; and each year, she compiles social science publications for the Dean’s State of the College address.”

“When we invited faculty, staff, and students who have worked with Amy to write in support of her nomination, the responses were so numerous that we can only include snippets from
each—but they nevertheless fully demonstrate the professional demeanor, the can-do attitude, teamwork-focused responsiveness, warm collegiality, and overall excellence Amy
is known for.”

“Is there a word for absolutely reliable? She NEVER lets things slip, helping us all be our
best” (Bambi Chapin, SAPH)

“Incredibly kind and graceful; generous with resources, ideas, processes, connections”
(Catalina Dansberger Duque, OIA)

“Supports in any and every way she can” (Alex Andrews, CS3 student intern)

“One of my favorite colleagues due to her helpful, friendly, and collaborative demeanor” (Liz Steenrod, LLC)

“Selfless; a dedicated team member, always willing to go above and beyond” (Jen Kelly,

Amy was presented her award and was very proud to be selected as Employee of the Quarter.

Recipients receive $500, a special parking space, one day of administrative leave, a certificate, his/her/their name on the Employee of the Quarter plaque and an invitation to the annual Service Award Ceremony.

Human Resources offers special thanks to everyone that nominated an employee for the award. Previous nominations received will be eligible for consideration for one year from the date received. The next Employee of the Quarter recipients will be selected in April.