UMBC Police Department

If you are the victim of a crime or believe you may be, call UMBC Police at x55555 as soon as possible. This will initiate a computerized event record of the incident and may result in the initiation of a police report and related criminal or non criminal investigation. You will receive a “Crime Victims and Witnesses Rights and Services Brochure” if you are the victim of a criminal offense to acquaint you with your rights and the resources available to assist you through the investigation and prosecutorial process, in accordance with Maryland Law. The incident reported may be a crime, or an incident determined to be a violation of the Student Conduct Code, or both. UMBC Police may recommend University disciplinary charges against a student based on the information you have provided and their investigation, if the incident or offense involves a student of UMBC.

Police Investigations

UMBC Police Officers conduct both criminal and non criminal investigations, which may include taking a statement from victims or witnesses to an incident or offense, questioning appropriate persons, collecting evidence, and photographing the scene. A police officer will determine, based upon the information developed through investigation, and through a review of the law, if a criminal charge is appropriate. Depending on the nature of the crime, you may be advised to fill out an application for statement of charges with a Court Commissioner, who will decide if a criminal charge is appropriate.  A UMBC Police Officer may provide assistance in directing you to the Court, and to the Court Commissioner to initiate this process. UMBC Police may file a Statement of Charges with a Court Commissioner based upon the seriousness and complexity of the offense, with supervisory guidance. An Arrest Warrant or Criminal Summons may be issued by the Court Commissioner based upon a finding of adequate probable cause.  UMBC Police serve both Arrest Warrants and Criminal Summonses forwarded from the Courts for cases initiated within the UMBC community or for cases from allied police agencies when appropriate. For additional information about the Code of Student Conduct please refer to Student Judicial Programs.

Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement Communication

UMBC Police maintain open lines of communications with allied law enforcement agencies from around the country via the National Law Enforcement Teletype System 24/7, and receive daily teletype communications of a law enforcement nature that are relayed to officers on patrol each shift, around the clock, as applicable to their jurisdiction or jurisdictions surrounding UMBC.

Additionally, UMBC Police receive daily reports from the Maryland Center for Analysis and Coordination (MCAC), a clearing house for local, state and national intelligence information related to suspicious or criminal activity both local and national, as well as reports related to potential suspected terrorist threats or activities, MCAC is staffed by Federal, State and local law enforcement personnel from the State of Maryland and coordinates law enforcement sensitive information with Federal, State and local law enforcement around the country. This information is reviewed daily for the safety of the University community and is made available to UMBC Police Officers every shift, around the clock, as applicable to their jurisdiction or jurisdictions surrounding UMBC.

Other information concerning services provided by the UMBC Police Department may be found on the UMBC Police Web Page.