Dual Employment

Dual employment is when an employee works for more than one Maryland State agency.  Agencies are required to coordinate with one another when this occurs to make sure there is no conflict in work schedule or overlapping payment among the agencies.

UMBC, Human Resources – Payroll receives a quarterly report from Central Payroll that identifies employees that are active in more than one agency during that quarter.   Payroll will notify departments via email and a detailed report if/when they have employees that appear to be working at multiple agencies.  The form below should be completed to certify coordination across agencies has occurred.  The completed form should be sent to Human Resources – Payroll.

Dual Employment Certification Form

In addition, there are times that a State Agency may contact you directly or, we may contact you on behalf of a State agency to verify work hours for a period of time.  If we have a form on record for that period of time, we can usually provide that as the supporting documentation that there is no overlap in hours.  On occasion, they may request more detailed documentation, such as copies of time sheets.