Recommended Training

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Introduction to PeopleSoft Finance

This course is for new users to PeopleSoft who will be responsible for the Financial system at UMBC.

Internal Control Education Session

For new & existing employees, this session covers information such as separation of duties and ways to prepare for departmental audits. Offered each semester.

Understanding Performance Management: Guide for Non-Supervisory staff

All non-supervisory employees are encouraged to attend this session. Employees will learn about UMBC’s performance management process, as well as ways to participate in PMP conversations. Sessions will be offered upon request. To request a session, please email


Kognito provides a suite of online training programs for faculty, staff and students to practice having difficult conversations.  The “at-risk” program is an online game-based simulation with virtual students. Faculty and staff sharpen their skills in recognizing signs of psychological distress, addressing ways to approach students, and discovering ways to support and refer students to mental health services on campus.

Additional Professional Development Resources 

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