Specialty VISA Processing

Specialty Immigration VISA Types: DA (Deferred Action), AS (Asylee), RF (Refugee), TP (Temporarily Protected), and PR (Permanent Resident).

NOTE: VISA changes and updates must be communicated to your department Payroll Preparer.

New Employee Requirements

All required forms must be complete & accurate or they will be returned.  This may impact your new hire paperwork and tax withholdings.

Step 1: Employee will receive an email from Docusign from their Departmental Payroll Preparer. This must be completed to determine the federal income withholding status.

Step 2: Complete the Docusign form

Step 3: Complete State of Maryland – W-4 and MW507 and code the documents based on Payroll Preparer Instructions and MAIL TO CPB (Address on bottom of form):

    • Print the official State of Maryland tax forms (W-4 and MW507)
    • Complete the State of Maryland tax forms (W-4 and MW507)
    • The department payroll preparer will provide the required codes for you to add to the State of Maryland tax forms. (W-4 and MW507)   These forms are REQUIRED.
    • Employees on a tax treaty (next section) will mail all documents to UMBC not to Central Payroll Bureau/address on the bottom of the form.

Tax Treaties require additional documentation and mailing instructions:

Tax treaty exemption is for federal tax ONLY.  There is no Maryland state tax treaty exemption. (Employee may be exempt if residing in Pennsylvania, Virginia or DC.). Employees must have a valid SSN in order to receive treaty exemptions.

Employee’s filing a tax treaty, the following forms must also be completed & attached to the Citizenship Status Docusign form (Step 1 above) AND mailed to the address below.

Step 1: Identify appropriate representation letter. (This MUST be included with your NRA renewal Process DocuSign paperwork and mailed to the address below.)

Step 2: Complete the following forms and mail to UMBC with your tax forms from above (step 3):

    • Tax Treat Representation Letter – Print & complete form from step 1
    • Form 8233 – Exemption From Withholding on Compensation for Independent (and Certain Dependent) Personal Services of a Nonresident Alien Individual:  Print form from Glacier

Step 3: ONLY Resident Alien (RA) for tax purposes who file a tax treaty are required to complete the following forms:

    • IRS Form W-9 – Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.
    • W-9 Attachment – Attachment to IRS form W-9 with Tax Treaty Claim

Mail all forms to:
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250

Training Resources:

Department ONLY

I-9 Docusign Instructions – for Payroll Preparers