SPS Workday: How to Find Your SPS ID

Accessing SPS Workday

On September 10th the State of Maryland went to a new two-factor login process called OneLogin.  Important tips:

  • The link has changed, please use the steps below and update any old bookmarks.
  • You will need to create a new password using the instructions below.
  • The new OneLogin process requires a second authentication (mobile phone, app, email or phone number).

Please see the Quick Reference Guide and Tips for using the One Login System.

To login to SPS Workday through OneLogin need to do the following:

Step 1:  Find your SPS ID (W-Number):

On the bottom of your Timesheet, myUMBC Profile, or in POSC

Step 2:  Visit the State of Maryland’s OneLogin website to enter the SPS Workday system

Step 3:  Enter the following Temporary Password

  1. Capital first letter of your first name
  2. Lower case first letter of your last name
  3. Four digit birth year
  4. Last four digits of your Social Security Number
  5. End by entering $ (the dollar sign character on your keyboard)
  6. You will be prompted to select at least one security method that works best for you—a one-time passcode via email (UMBC email) or text, passcode through a mobile app on your mobile device or security questions.

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For general questions contact UMBC HR Benefits at hrbenefits@umbc.edu