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State Wellness Program

State of Maryland Health & Wellness Program

To Learn more, click here for State of Maryland Wellness Website.  Surcharges have been eliminated!

Employees, and their enrolled spouses, who have health coverage through the State of Maryland can participate in the State Wellness Program by completing the following activities in 2019:

1. Select a Primary Care Physician (PCP)

2. Complete the health risk assessment (HRA) through your health plan or the State of Maryland.

PCP copays ($15) to the physician you designate will be waived once you complete the above activities!  If you completed Activities in 2018, you will need to re-complete these activities in 2019.

Bonus Activity:  If you complete doctor recommended screenings found on the Wellness Activity Chart, you may also receive $5 off of your Specialist Copays for 2018.  You will need to re-complete these activities in 2019 to get the $5 off of your Specialist copays in 2019.

General Information:

Wellness Information

Wellness Program FAQs

Wellness Program Zero Copay Process

Plan Specific Information:

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