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Establishing a Position

When considering establishing a new position, Classification/Compensation staff work with managers to consider the following factors:

  • Department Organizational Structure: review of current position allocation and reporting hierarchy in the department, as well as the Division.
  • Type of Position: determine status of position based upon department needs and whether full-time vs. part time, or regular vs. temporary status is required.
  • Nature of Duties: gauge level of decision-making authority; are anticipated duties exempt, non-exempt or academic, and the impact on existing positions in the department.
  • Budget Impact: determine source of funding as well as impact on department, division and university and if position will add to overall FTE count now or in the future.

Steps for Requesting a New Position

To request a new position, a UMBC Position Request Form must be completed and submitted to the HR Classification Unit. To obtain information required for completing the form, use the following steps:

  1. Review vacant position report to ensure no existing positions are available.  If a position is available and a change needs to be made, use a Classification Action Request Form (CAR).
  2. Use UMBC Title Code Listing to identify appropriate payroll title.
  3. Identify Combination Code (funding source) using PS navigation: Payroll for North America>Payroll Distribution> Commitment Accounting USA>UMBC Valid Combo Table.

A Position Description and updated department organization chart must accompany the CAR Form for Regular and Contingent II position requests.

Questions? Contact a member of the Classification/Compensation staff.