Emergency Procedures

Each department is unique and, therefore, we strongly encourage the development of a departmental plan that will meet the needs of the department in the event of an emergency.

Below are some “best practices” identified by campus departments that you can consider implementing in your department to facilitate payroll processing during an emergency, including a campus closure during payroll processing deadlines.

  • Carefully review payroll documents each payroll cycle, especially if you do not have the original documents to refer to during an emergency.
  • Prepare a list to include the names, phone numbers and email contacts for payroll preparers/approver, alternates and division level back-up.
  • Complete time entry when it is available, especially if weather may be a factor in closing the campus.
  • Enter hours worked and adjustments to pay before leave adjustments. Leave can be processed in the following pay cycle, if necessary.
  • Make copies or scan timesheets for data entry at home (if approved by the department).
  • Communicate the timesheet deadline to employees to ensure enough time for processing in the event of an emergency (example, the Wednesday following the pay cycle end date).
  • Use a work schedule or the prior cycle gross pay report as a guideline and make adjustments in the next cycle if timesheets are not available. (This may not be an option for employees that do not work a regular schedule.)

Emergency Guidelines

The HR Payroll department will maintain and follow the processing schedule of a normal pay cycle as close as possible.  We will make every effort to communicate any deadlines or procedural changes via email and/or the Human Resource website, if necessary.  If this is not possible, due to system failures, Payroll will respond to inquiries as soon as systems are restored.

If the University is closed unexpectedly during payroll processing the following will occur:

Time entry and pay calculation week– Time entry will be loaded in accordance with the normal schedule.   If this is not possible and all systems are down or otherwise inaccessible for payroll processing, the prior pay cycle will be used as a basis for generating pay for all salaried employees.  Adjustments to pay for hourly and exception employees and leave will be processed in the next available pay cycle by the department payroll preparer.  The University will make every effort to offer payroll advances to those employees that were not paid due to the campus closure.

If payroll approval does not occur electronically, the department may review, approve and submit the Department Time Entry report to Payroll.

Pay day – Employees are strongly encouraged to utilize direct deposit for their bi-weekly pay checks.  Live checks will be distributed to the department once the campus reopens.  If this is not possible, any change in procedures will be communicated.

Preliminary Gross Pay report review – Payroll will still be processed if there is no opportunity to review the Preliminary Gross Pay report.  Adjustments may be done in the following cycle, if necessary.

Electronic Time Sheet – Now that time sheets are electronic, employees have the capability to access their time sheet remotely.  Therefore, it is the employee’s responsibility to complete and submit their time sheet in a timely manner.  The supervisor is expected to review and approve time sheets based on the established due dates.  Failure to meet the established deadlines, may result in an employee’s pay and/or leave being delayed.  Any adjustments to deadlines will be communicated by the Human Resources department.  Department Payroll Preparers are expected to monitor and review time sheet reports and communicate within the department/division accordingly to ensure proper time and leave reporting and payment processing. (More information: Electronic Time Sheets)

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