Job Well Done Award Program

The UMBC Job Well Done Award recognizes groups of employees that have completed a project task or initiative to support UMBC’s mission and/or strategic goals.  Awards will be given twice per academic year, spring and fall.

Award Recipients Spring 2023
Award Recipients Fall 2022

The group will have a complimentary lunch at the Skylight Lounge.
Each group member will receive a certificate.
Each group member will receive an invitation to the annual Service Awards Ceremony.
A plaque listing the name of the project and completion date will be on display in the Human Resources Department located on the 5th floor of the Administration Building.

  • Groups are defined as three (3) or more UMBC employees working together on a particular task, for a particular time period (i.e. Departments, Divisions, Task Forces, Committee, Ad Hocs).
  • Initiative or project must tie to a goal or piece of the University’s mission.
  • An Initiative or project is defined as an action that is outside the parameters of the main duties and responsibilities of the employees within the group, working collaboratively together to achieve or accomplish a “charge” that:
    1) moves the University towards completion of a Strategic Planning Goal, and/ or
    2) meets with or advances the mission/vision of the University.
  • Completion of the project or initiative must be within the past year (12 months).
  • Members of the group must be UMBC exempt or nonexempt employees of Regular or Contingent I or II status.
    *Faculty are eligible for the award as group members, but not Project Leaders or chairs.
  • Nomination must be signed and supported by project sponsor/supervisor.
Nominations and Selection

A nominator (does not need to be a member of the group, but must be a current UMBC employee) will complete the Jobs Well Done Nomination form and submit to the Department of Human Resources. Questions must be answered in entirety.

Nominations will be eligible for consideration for up to one year following the date received (within the one year of project completion date).

The Employee of the Quarter Selection Committee will review nominations for consideration.

Nomination are due by September 10th (fall) and March 10th (spring).   

Job Well Done Award Nomination Form

Employee of the Quarter Selection Committee members are eligible for the Job Well Done Award but should abstain from voting if part of a group nomination.