Facilities Management

The Department of Facilities Management is dedicated to planning, maintaining and improving campus facilities, as well as nurturing a positive working relationship between our staff and the campus community to promote an environment for success!  The department consists of these major service areas:

Planning and Construction Services

Charged with the coordination of all efforts for new building construction and renovation to university spaces and infrastructure.  Planning and Construction Services also compiles data to support campus capital planning and coordinates with the Department of Budget and Management and University System of Maryland.  In response to these combined responsibilities, this unit plays a primary role in the evaluation of project needs while developing strategies to accommodate needs with available resources. Associated efforts include review and analysis of departmental program requirements, development of facility programs, coordination of architectural and engineering design services, and monitoring contractor activity during construction.  Planning and Construction Services also provides ancillary services such as cost estimates, project schedules, and equipment lists in response to requests submitted by various departments.   Requests for these services can be made by calling x 55664.

Operations and Maintenance

The largest area of service in Facilities Management, Operations and Maintenance works closely with the campus community to provide efficient and effective building services.  This division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of plumbing, HVAC systems, steam, key control, painting, signage, electricity and Food Services’ appliances.  All maintenance and repair of existing facilities is controlled and coordinated through the Work Control call center, which is in operation 24/7.  Assistance can be obtained by calling ext. 52550, or on the web at www.umbc.edu/fm.

Landscape and Grounds

The grounds and landscaping crews are responsible for maintaining over 400 of the 630 acres developed by UMBC, which includes snow removal, recycling and solid waste removal.  A substantial percentage of acreage maintained by the crews are considered high profile areas that are extensively landscaped to provide a healthy and pleasing environment within the academic setting.  The Landscape and Grounds department also manages one-third of the greenhouse facility where 95% of the annuals and plant materials used for special events, interior and ornamental arrangements, and the general terrain of the campus, are propagated.

Contractual and Fleet Services

Contractual Services manages the custodial contracts (general cleaning of the entire UMBC campus), the extermination program (treatment of campus buildings and grounds to maintain control of pests and small animals for the general welfare of the community), and the Student Work Force (setting up and breaking down events on campus, rearranging offices and moving furniture out of departmental offices).  Requests for services in any of these areas can be made by calling ext. 52550, or on the web at www.umbc.edu/fm.  Fleet Services provides vehicle maintenance, repair and rental services, as well as general fleet inventory management.

Business Services

Business Services is responsible for the day-to-day fiscal administration of the Facilities Management department, providing services in budget development, financial management, procurement, accounting, position management and payroll processing.

Facilities Management
7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
ext. 52550