The Commons

The Commons integrates all aspects of university life by serving as the principal gathering place for the campus community.  The Commons is the perfect place to catch up with friends, meet with study groups, or just gather between classes.  The services and programs offered in The Commons promote individual development, responsibility and social competency; augment the academic process; celebrate the diversity of our student body; emphasize excellence of service to the campus and community; and enhance campus life and school spirit through cooperative participation and collaboration.

The Plaza, between The Commons and outdoor pool, offers a great place to hang out, have a bite to eat or just relax!  Main Street, Market Street and lounge areas are primary indoor meeting spots for students touching base with friends, clubs advertising events and service organizations recruiting volunteers. Special events occur in these areas throughout the year and external vendors use the areas to bring information and products to the UMBC community.

The Commons is a 143,000 sq. ft. high-tech/wireless facility which houses a restaurant, 8 meeting rooms, the Campus Information Center, Market Street food court, a game room, commonvision and the Cabaret.  Additionally, The Vice President for Student Affairs, Office of Student Life, Commons Administration, and Off Campus Student Services are located within the facility.  The Student Events Board (SEB), the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) also have offices in The Commons and student organizations have multiple work, storage and meeting spaces.

Main Street

Main Street, a 40-foot high, 100-foot long interior walkway, is at the center of The Commons.  Here, the campus community has access to an ever-changing variety of information tables, seasonal kiosks, a PNC e-Branch Bank, the UMBC Bookstore, and “commonvision” iNet screen.  Look on Main Street for the “commonvision” screen, The Commons’ newest way to inform you of all that’s going on.  And, listen and watch for Common Grounds coffeehouse performances at the south entrance to Main Street on the ground floor.

Get Connected

The “wireless” structure of The Commons is state of the art.  You can connect to family, friends, instructors and the Internet from anywhere, without a phone line.  You can surf the web via a wireless laptop from any corner of the building.  Use your UMBC I.D. to check one out at the Information Center.

Commons Information Center

The Commons Information Center (CIC), in the lobby, is the first place to go with questions. The CIC maintains information on campus activities, transportation, campus programs, services and directories, and The Commons operating schedule. Laptops for use within The Commons may be checked out. UMBC Transit, TA schedules, local maps, calendars of events and other general information materials are available.  All major events and many student event tickets are sold at the CIC where cash and general fund dollars can be used.  The CIC also provides phone operator service to the entire campus as well as other information that is pertinent to the campus community as well as guests.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The Gameroom: One ‘hot spot’ is the Gameroom. Located on the second floor, this space offers a number of billiards tables as well as board games and multiple large, plasma-screen TVs.  Drinks, snacks, and recreational supplies are all also available for purchase.
Flat Tuesdays: Flat Tuesdays @ The Commons provides UMBC community members and guests with a friendly and relaxing environment to interact with each other. Flat Tuesdays is a community space that serves alcoholic beverages to customers that are of a legal drinking age. The hours of operations are Mondays: 8 pm – 11:30 pm; Thursdays: 4 pm – 11:30 pm; and Fridays: 4 pm – 11:30 pm. A variety of entertainment is provided to the customers of Flat Tuesdays throughout the week by The Commons Programming Team. The venue is also available for student organizations and University department events. The staff of Flat Tuesdays is committed to providing alcohol to customers in a safe and responsible way. Flat Tuesdays collaborates with other University departments to provide alcohol education and awareness to the UMBC community. Flat Tuesdays is decorated around the culture and themes of the city of New Orleans. The Commons staff has established a partnership with organizations in New Orleans to educate UMBC community members about this special and unique city.  For more information about Flat Tuesdays or to discuss hosting a departmental event at Flat Tuesdays, please contact the coordinator at 410-455-1714.
Dining: Market Street, the Retriever Grille and the Skylight Room are venues serviced by Chartwells and offer a variety of food options during various times throughout the day.
Bookstore: The two-story Bookstore, is a great place for your official UMBC Merchandise, Course Material adoptions, supplies, regalia, and notary needs. You may also visit the Yum Shoppe, the campus convenience store, for more!
PNC Bank: PNC Bank operates an electronic branch on Main Street next to the bookstore.

Other Services

Commonvision: The Commons’ state of the art graphic design and specialty printing center provides: Color/Black & White copies (small quantities – 50 copies or less), Banners/Posters/Flyers, Electronic Advertising, Video Screen design, High quality color laser printing. You can submit your own design or the talented staff at commonvision can design it for you. The commonvision Copy Center is located on the first floor next to the bookstore. Entrance is located off of the Main Street Lounge.
Off-Campus Student Services: Commuter needs receive special attention at The Commons. Computers provide access to course schedules, registration information, the Internet and e-mail accounts. Students can reserve rooms for study and group work, or use study carrels before or after classes. Several areas, including the Game Room, provide spots for eating meals brought from home. Ride share, priority parking and emergency locator services ease the challenges of spending significant time away from home.
Other Services: Organization mailboxes are located at the Student Involvement Center on The Commons second floor. Pay phones, campus phones, public use copiers, and a stamp machine are located throughout the building. Campus event information appears on the various screens located throughout the building, as well as on four electronic information kiosks.