What is PageUp?

PageUp is an applicant tracking system that will provide electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs.

What processes are in PageUp?

Nonexempt and Exempt Staff Positions (Regular, Grant Funded, Contingent II)

  • Personnel Requisition forms and all associated hiring documents;
  • All approvals;
  • Applications for employment (nonexempt and exempt staff);
  • Hiring Departments view of applications;
  • Selection approval process
  • Offer letters to the candidates; and
  • Candidates’ acceptance of the offers.

In addition, recruitment and hiring of Librarian (faculty) positions will use the PageUp system.

Advertisements for Contingent I can be placed on the Jobs website if requested by the Hiring Department.

When will training be conducted?

Training is highly recommended for employees who serve as HR Hiring Liaisons, Hiring Managers and Search Committee Chairs.
Visit for schedule and to register.