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Required Training

Required Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention

All employees are required to complete the “Not Anymore for Employees,” sexual harassment prevention and awareness training provided by SafeColleges, within 60 days of hire. Employees will be contacted directly from SafeColleges with a link to the training.

Procurement Training

Please see below for a list of Procurement training courses. Check with your supervisor to see which sessions to attend.

Requisition Training – Contact Procurement at: 5-2273 to set-up a time for this training.

P-Card Training for Cardholders and Supervisors – Register at: This is required training prior to receiving a P-Card.

P-Card Reallocation Training – Register at: This on-line training is for the Cardholder, Business Manager, or Shared Services Personnel and deals with approving and allocating P-Card transactions. (Introduction to PeopleSoft/PeopleSoft Fundamentals is a pre-requisite for this training.)

Procurement Forms – Forms are available on the Procurement Website.

Planning for Performance Management: A Guide for Supervisors

Performance Management Process (PMP) Training is required for all supervisors of Regular/Grant Funded staff. Sessions will be offered on an ongoing basis. Register at For additional information, contact Human Resources at 410-455-2337.

PeopleSoft HR

PeopleSoft HR Training is required for people who have responsibility for payroll or timekeeping and leave. There is a sequence of programs. To schedule training, contact Human Resources at 410-455-2337.

Recommended Training 

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