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Required Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention

All employees are required to complete this online program within 60 days of hire. You can access this online module at:

Procurement Training

Please see below for a list of Procurement training courses. Check with your supervisor to see which sessions to attend.

Requisition Training – Contact Procurement at: 5-2273 to set-up a time for this training.

P-Card Training for Cardholders and Supervisors – Register at: This is required training prior to receiving a P-Card.

P-Card Reallocation Training – Register at: This on-line training is for the Cardholder, Business Manager, or Shared Services Personnel and deals with approving and allocating P-Card transactions. (Introduction to PeopleSoft/PeopleSoft Fundamentals is a pre-requisite for this training.)

Procurement Forms – Forms are available on the Procurement Website.

Planning for Performance Management: A Guide for Supervisors

Performance Management Process (PMP) Training is required for all supervisors of Regular/Grant Funded staff. Sessions will be offered on an ongoing basis. Register at For additional information, contact Human Resources at 410-455-2337.

PeopleSoft HR

PeopleSoft HR Training is required for people who have responsibility for payroll or timekeeping and leave. There is a sequence of programs. To schedule training, contact Human Resources at 410-455-2337.

Recommended Training 

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