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Retirees & Emeritus

Retired Faculty and Staff

UMBC values its retired faculty and staff members and encourages them to maintain contact with the University as members of the UMBC Association of Retired Faculty & Staff.   Here are some of the resources available to UMBC Retirees:

Emeritus Status

Awarded to faculty and nonexempt and exempt staff based upon meritorious service to UMBC; employees awarded emeritus are allowed continued access to UMBC facilities, IT services and free admission to campus events.

Current Employees Considering Retirement

Are you a current employee who is planning to retire soon? Visit the Retirement Benefits page to find information about retirement plan summaries, pension plan reforms, TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Funds, Retirement Vendor Contact Information, State retirement and pension system benefits handbooks, Optional Retirement Program and Supplemental Retirement Account information, financial counseling, benefit calculators, and more.