Special Pay Actions

The following are guidelines to assist managers with decisions related to special pay actions that may occur as part of or outside the classification process:

Equity Adjustment: generally warranted when the classification level of a position is correct, but the salary of the position is low in comparison to the external marketplace, or to others at the same level with similar credentials, comparable responsibilities and experience. Equity adjustments may be granted in accordance with established USM Salary Guidelines. Contact the HR Classification/Compensation Unit to request an equity study for position(s) in your department.

Acting Capacity Pay: is approved when a staff member is assigned higher level duties on an interim basis to ensure continuity of services in the event of a vacancy, or during the recruitment process. The staff member must meet the minimum qualifications for the higher level position and perform the duties for a specified period time before acting pay is effective. To request acting capacity pay, complete and submit the Request for Acting Capacity Status Form to the HR Classification/Compensation Unit for review and approval.

Performance-Based Pay: typically awarded on an annual basis and in the form of merit increases, these adjustments are used to reward employees who exceed established performance standards, and are available as university funds dictate. Refer to Performance Management Process (PMP) for more details.

Operationally Critical Retention Adjustment (Staff): may be granted in accordance with established USM Salary Guidelines and specific criteria.  Requests must be made through the appropriate Division Head, Dean, and/or Provost. Contact the HR Classification/Compensation Unit for more information regarding criteria for a retention adjustment.