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UMBC Retriever Talks

In 2018, UMBC experienced its first Retriever Talks, a series of engaging Ted-X style presentations by seven of UMBC’s most talented faculty and staff.  Each of the talks fell under three tracts that highlighted several of UMBC’s core values: inclusive excellence, community and innovation.  To view each of the talks, click on the links below.

LaMar Davis: Who Was That Person?
Maisha Cron: On the Fast Track to Success-The Tortoise Edition
Kerrie Kephart: The Power of Words to Unite and Divide Us
Jacquelyn Thomas: Professional Development and the Audacity to Apply
Diane Zeenny Ghorayeb: Re-born in the U.S.A.
Galina Madjaroff Reitz: I’m Still ME
Joel DeWyer: Imagination: A Path Toward Changing How We Look At Things

Future Retriever Talks Events

Stay tuned for our next Retriever Talks event slated for spring of 2020!  We will be looking for talk submissions in October 2019.