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HR Liaison

Liaisons serve as a communication link between UMBC departments and the Human Resources department, and play an integral role in the coordination of human resource activities for employees in their departments.

Recruitment & Hiring 

The Recruitment & Hiring Resources webpage for HR Liaisons contains many useful resources such as:

  • Hiring Procedures – summaries of procedures for hiring nonexempt and exempt staff, faculty, Contingent I, and students.
  • Checklists – recruitment and hiring checklists for department use for nonexempt, exempt, faculty, Contingent I, student, and graduate assistant positions.
  • Resources – valuable resources to assist in the recruitment and hiring process to include: detailed procedures, sample interview questions, sample memos, etc.
  • Forms – employment related forms
  • Job Opportunities – listing of current UMBC job opportunities
  • Employment Staff – contact a member of the employment staff with any questions


The following links are the most frequently needed resources as it relates to Payroll Preparers and/or Approvers.

  • New Hires – Everything you need to hire an employee at UMBC
  • Non-Resident Alien (NRA)– All the required documents for NRA processes including new hires and renewals
  • Time Entry, Leave and Security – How to obtain security access for PeopleSoft – HR and Payroll related tasks
  • Forms – All forms relating to payroll processing, time entry, leave and related transactions


Position Management

This webpage is designed to serve as a resource for individuals that serve in the role of HR liaison for their department in the coordination of PeopleSoft Position Management activities related to the setup of new positions and/or the update of existing vacant and occupied positions, review of position reports and funding source information for established positions. Examples of Position Management activities include:

  • Completing UMBC Position Request Forms to establish faculty, staff, graduate assistant or student positions;
  • Completing Classification Action Request Forms (CAR) to change the attributes of an existing position (job title, status, standard hours, fte, etc.);
  • Submitting copies of Change PAR forms to HR Classification/Compensation Unit to change the position attributes for occupied faculty, graduate assistant or student positions.
  • Submitting copies of Change PAR forms to HR Class/Comp Staff to correct department designations or other updates not related to the study/analysis of exempt/nonexempt positions.



This webpage is designed to serve as a resource for individuals that serve in the role of HR liaison for their department in the coordination of Classification/Compensation activities related to requests to new establishing positions, processing requests to reclassify existing positions, providing wage and salary information, and assisting with organizational design and development. Examples of Classification/Compensation activities include:

  • Meeting with the Class/Comp Manager to review department organization structure in consideration of department/division position changes or wage studies for job series (if applicable);
  • Working with Class/Comp Manager on identifying appropriate titles for positions based upon department needs;
  • Providing Class/Comp Manager with department organization charts and other key information that will allow for the required analysis of position requests;
  • Working with HR Class/Comp Manager to set up on-site visits with employees and supervisors for the review of assigned duties and responsibilities;
  • Coordinating efforts within the campus department to ensure appropriate paperwork is completed, approved and submitted to the HR Class/Comp Unit for review and processing.

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

The HRIS webpage is a resource designed to assist the HR liaison in departments for activities relating to:

  • PeopleSoft Security Access
  • Leave Benefit Inquiries
  • Leave Requests
  • Time Entry
  • Report Requests
  • State Service and Leave Verifications (Employee Transfers from other State Agencies)
  • Staff Achievements
  • …and much more