FAQ’s: Hiring & Employment

I am a supervisor with a new hire/employee that is scheduled to start during the COVID-19 remote work period.  How will the employee be onboarded and oriented to UMBC during this period? 

Your department payroll representative will work closely with the new employee on the documents required for onboarding.  In addition, the new employee will be invited to a virtual orientation held by the UMBC Benefits Staff.  Please email hrbenefits@umbc.edu for orientation dates and scheduling questions.  New Hire materials, links, and a virtual new hire folder will be sent to the new employee upon confirmation of the orientation session.

Onboarding processes with new employees by departments should happen remotely.  It is important for departments to have daily contact with your new employee, making sure they form connections and know who to go to with questions.

I’m an employee and/or a supervisor.  How will my annual performance review process work while we are working remotely?

The Performance Management Process (PMP) cycle runs from April 1st through March 31st each year.

Its expected that employees and supervisors work together to prepare for the review process and have ongoing performance conversations and discussions throughout the year.  There are many virtual options available through the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) that will help employees and their supervisors stay connected and communicate during this time.