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Lisa Drouillard, Director of Payroll & HRIS

Phone: 410-455-1791


Lisa is responsible for managing payroll & HRIS operations including audit compliance, onboarding, pay check distribution, leave management, data entry, PeopleSoft projects, contingent contracts and training.


VACANT, Payroll Manager

Phone: 410-455-1833

Email: TBD

The Payroll Manager is responsible for the day to day payroll operations including addressing complex payroll issues, overseeing bi-weekly payroll processing activities to include troubleshooting issues, NRA tax treaties, VISA updates, dual employment and campus training.


Brittney Liles, Payroll Processing Specialist

Phone: 410-455-1051


Brittney is responsible for all Non-Resident Alien paperwork (students, graduate assistant, faculty, and staff) new hire pars, change pars, and supporting documentation. As well as reviewing and verifying Non Resident Alien forms (for tax purposes). She is also responsible for PeopleSoft payroll processing including Payroll Adjustments and Time Entry Corrections forms, Time Entry/Gross Pay reporting and payroll advances.


Henriette MaCarthy, Payroll Processing Associate

Phone: 410-455-2554


This position is responsible for all domestic student and graduate assistants new hire pars, change pars, and supporting documentation. She is also responsible for any voided checks, over-payments, or stop payment check requests as well as check distribution process and signature authorizations.


Samantha Sutton, Payroll Processing Associate

Phone: 410-455-3857


Samantha is responsible for all domestic faculty and staff new hire pars, change pars and supporting documents. She is also responsible for pre-hires.